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ETB Developer Demo Webinar

This webinar will demonstrate how to:

  • Create a custom solar + storage proposal from start to finish in ETB Developer
  • Optimize your customer's solar + storage system size for dollar savings
  • Model any type of financing transaction (i.e. loan, lease PPA)
  • Use our advanced features including data visualizer, NEM scenarios, multi-metered projects
  • Use our energy storage integrations to model ESS simulations paired with our Acumen EMS™

Utility Rates Training Session

Webinar topics include:

  • What is a utility rate? (Utility Rate Structure/Components, Fixed Charges, Energy Charges, and Demand Charges)
  • Our approach at creating a rate in ETB Developer (pre-solar basis of global rate creation, specifying imports, exports, and non-bypassable charges)
  • Best Practices for entering data into ETB Developer
  • Bill examples and ETB's tips and tricks for assessing bills

  • Net Metering (full retail, net billing vs. NBCs, fixed export rate)


Energy Storage Training Webinar

Start modeling storage projects with confidence

  • Learn how to accurately determine the savings and project economics for any type of Energy Storage System (ESS) in the platform.
  • Overview of the different types of Battery Management Systems (BMS) control strategies within ETB Developer.
  • Demo how to use our ESS proposal templates to present the value proposition of storage in a clear and compelling fashion.
  • How to use our 'ETB Optimizer' to determine the best ESS system size for a given project.

  • How to easily request a quote for your storage project, submit a purchase order (PO), and what the commissioning process is like with ETB.

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